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USA genomics of European females

The American genomics run in April has resulted in quite some diversity of sires of the highest, newly genomic tested females in Europe, with several interesting daughters from Gameday, Mahomes, Parfect, AltaWheelhouse and Ranger-Red.... Read more


Honorable Mention for Warrior-Red daughter Diekers Hilary 37

Vereniging Veehouderijbelangen Silvolde organized a video competition for its members. Participating in this online show was Diekers Hilary 37, an early milking daughter of the type specialist Mr Blondin Warrior-Red. Hilary 37 is bred by Diekers Holsteins and hails from a home-bred family.... Read more

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC

Diekers K&L DL Whiskey RDC

AltaDateline x GP-84 Salvatore RDC x Rubicon

Offspring up to 156 gRZG &2802 gTPI!

Diekers 3STAR OH Florijn Red

Freestyle-Red x AltaDateline x GP-84 Salvatore RDC

Diekers 3STAR OH Free Time Red

Freestyle-Red x AltaDateline x GP-84 Salvatore RDC

Maybelline Tual

3STAR OH Reevivo

Parfect x Riveting x Granite


Diekers Pietje 6 Red

Nominator-Red x Treasure x GP-81 Bolt RF

Ralma Juror Faith

Diekers 3STAR NO Floor RDC

Nominator-Red x GP-83 Sound System x GP-82 Baltikum

Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror

Diekers 3STAR Riomirror

Rioaveso x Bestday x GP-84 Bandares

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