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Honorable Mention for Warrior-Red daughter Diekers Hilary 37

Vereniging Veehouderijbelangen Silvolde organized a video competition for its members. Participating in this online show was Diekers Hilary 37, an early milking daughter of the type specialist Mr Blondin Warrior-Red. Hilary 37 is bred by Diekers Holsteins and hails from a home-bred family.... Read more

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC

Diekers K&L DL Whiskey RDC

AltaDateline x GP-83 Salvatore RDC x Rubicon

High AltaDateline with super type from allrounder Sunny Red

Diekers 3STAR OH Florijn Red

Freestyle-Red x AltaDateline x GP-83 Salvatore RDC

Diekers 3STAR OH Free Time Red

Freestyle-Red x AltaDateline x GP-83 Salvatore RDC


Diekers Pietje 6 Red

Nominator-Red x Treasure x GP-81 Bolt RF

Ralma Juror Faith

Diekers 3STAR NO Floor RDC

Nominator-Red x GP-83 Sound System x GP-82 Baltikum

Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror

Diekers 3STAR Riomirror

Rioaveso x Bestday x GP-84 Bandares

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