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De Dorre Holsteins expands with impressive names

Benny Leferink, owner of De Dorre Holsteins, is regularly investing in the best show cow families globally. After purchase embryos are transfered in recipients at partner Dairy Cows Holsteins. These embryo purchases have delivered several fancy (Red) Holstein heifer calves, all offspring from families which are renown in the North American show ring.... Read more


Shelly-Red, global Red gTPI topper!

The American October genomics run for females in Europe has produced the first daughters of bulls such as Progenesis Pinball, Aquila Stardancer and Larcrest Captivating in the top 50 gTPI... Read more


Classification results highlights quality of De Dorre Holsteins

Although De Dorre Holsteins no longer has heifers housed at their own farm, they still can enjoy high quality animals! Most of the milking heifers are (co)-owned by Schröder Dairy Cows, where they take care of them very well. This is extra highlighted by the results of the recent classification.... Read more


Great showdown for De Dorre Holsteins

It's already over: the unique and one-time De Dorre Selection Sale. There was great interest from home and abroad in the 20 beautiful animals from fantastic American and Canadian cow families. In the first days 3 lotnumbers were already sold for the buy-now price and this week the auction had a fantastic conclusion... Read more


De Dorre Selection Sale is approaching its climax!

This afternoon from 3.00 PM (C.E.T.) the lots will expire one by one in catalogue order with 3 minutes difference. This gives you the opportunity to bid on multiple lot numbers. In addition, the expiration time will be extended by 5 minutes, in case another bid comes in shortly before the sale closes.... Read more


The best of the De Dorre Holsteins!

The start of a new Red cow family is within reach with De Dorre Unstopabull Sjoukje RDC. Sjoukje RDC is a result of a deep, home-bred cow family from De Dorre Holsteins. This week she can be yours, as she is offered at the De Dorre Selection Sale... Read more


One-time offer from Supreme Champion WDE: Maya EX-95!

Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn EX-95 was named Supreme Champion at the international event; The World Dairy Expo 2013. This black beauty has provide no less than three excellent daughters, including the beautiful Jacobs Sid Mika EX-90, dam of lot 5 of the De Dorre Selectons Sale!... Read more


A legendary offer!

De Dorre Selection Sale is the place to be when it comes to deep, American and Canadian cow families. So it's not that unnormal that they sell a beautiful Lindenright Moovin RC offspring from no one less then Winterbay Fever Legacy EX-96!... Read more


+16 Conf. and +14 MS scoring Paradise RDC daughter

If you are impressed by Val-Bisson Shottle Imelda EX-94, the Global Holstein Cow of the Year 2017 and dam of the proven Val-Bisson Doorman, you will definitely become very enthausiast of her Sunnypoint Paradise RDC granddaughter which is offered at the De Dorre Selection Sale!... Read more


'Three of a kind'

At the De Dorre Selection Sale, which will start on Thursday December 10th, you will have a nice offer from various cow families. The Val-Bisson Shottle Imelda EX-94 family is one of them: the phenomenal Shottle daughter which was honoured as 'Global Holstein Cow of the Year 2017'... Read more


Pursuit with stunning +2756 gTPI

The very unique De Dorre Selection Sale, which will take place from December 10th - 17th, is in sight. This sale is nicely filled with no less than 20 lot numbers. One of these beautiful heifers is a descendant of none other than Comestar Lau Damion EX-94!... Read more


Red carrier from Comestar Lau Damion EX-94!

It's just the beginning! In the run-up to the very unique De Dorre Selection Sale, which will take place December 10th - 17th, we are happy to introduce you to each of the 20 lot numbers. Today we start with one of the few descendants from the Comestar Lau Damion EX-94 family!... Read more


Unique sale: De Dorre Selection Sale

After 15 years of top breeding, the Leferink family (De Dorre Holsteins) has decided to sell their herd for health reasons. That is why, in collaboration with GenHotel, the online De Dorre Selection Sale will be held from Thursday 10 to Thursday 17 December via Read more


Red Laurie with a dazzling +3.38 gPTAT!

It seemed unreal, yet a red descendant was born out of the pitch-black Comestar Lau Damion EX-94. From the impressive two-time HM Grand Champion Victoriaville (2014 & 2017), embryos from the combination by Walnutlawn Solomon were imported to the Netherlands and just two generations later a beautiful red Blondin Warrior-Red heifer was born!... Read more


Beautiful Unix from the Bons-Holsteins Koba family!

The Bons-Holsteins Koba family has put herself in the spotlight over the past decade through numerous appealing top-level show ring successes. Bons-Holsteins Koba 191 EX-94, the impressive Wilcoxview Jasper daughter, is the Grand Champion NRM 2014 and HHH Show 2016... Read more


Hood ATM Jessica: now EX-93!

Hood ATM Jessica has been classified EX-93 recently in her 3rd lactation! Hood ATM Jessica was bought at the GenHotel Selection Sale by Sahara Holsteins and is a great broodcow.... Read more

Aitkenbrae Starbuck Ada

De Dorre Altitude Alicia Red

Altitude-Red x EX-90 Addiction P Red x EX-90 Advent-Red

Blondin Goldwyn Subliminale

De Dorre Denver Subliminal

Denver x VG-87 Raptor x EX-97 Goldwyn

De Dorre Maker Subliminal

Maker x VG-88 Raptor x EX-97 Goldwyn

Granddaughter of a.o. Res.  All American Lifetime Production Cow 2021 Subliminal EX-97!

Dairy Cows Maker Sublimal

Maker x VG-88 Raptor x EX-97 Goldwyn

Comestar Lau Damion

De Dorre Jordy Laurie-Et RDC VG-85

VG-85 Jordy-Red x VG-87 Solomon x EX-94 Damion

WOW! Jordy granddaughter of Comestar Lau Damion!

De Dorre Swingman Laurie RDC

Swingman Red x VG-85 Jordy-Red x VG-87 Solomon

Great RED CARRIER Swingman Red daughter from an amazing deep pedigree!

Dairy Cows Moovin Laurie

Moovin RDC x VG-85 Jordy-Red x VG-87 Solomon

Dairy Cows Maker Laurie

Maker x Fortune x VG-87 Solomon

Maternal sister of De Dorre Pursuit Laurie, sold during the De Dorre Selection Sale '20

Dairy Cows Haniko Laurie

Haniko x Nighthawk x VG-87 Solomon

Dairy Cows Master Laurie

Master x Crushtime x VG-87 Solomon

De Dorre Doral Laurie Red

Doral-Red x Warrior-Red x VG-85 Jordy-Red

Dairy Cows Doral Laurie Red

Doral-Red x Warrior-Red x VG-85 Jordy-Red

D.D. Picasso Laurie P Red

Picasso-PP x Swingman Red x VG-85 Jordy-Red

Polled & Red Laurie!

Hanover Hill Tony Rae

De Dorre Altitude Roxy-Red

Altitude-Red x EX-91 Unstopabull-Red x EX-92 Colt P

Dairy Cows Chief Lana

Chief x VG-87 Solomon x Juggernaut

KHW Regiment Apple-Red

Dairy Cows Mirand Apple 2 RF

Mirand PP RDC x Artist x VG-88 Blondin Integral

De Dorre Mirand Apple P RDC

Mirand PP RDC x Artist x VG-88 Blondin Integral

Larcrest Cosmopolitan

De Dorre Twitch Candide

Twitch x Louxor x GP-80 Chevalier

Lewisdale Eastside Ariel

De Dorre Army Missy

Siemers Apples Army x Bubba x GP-81 Megasire

Rabur Inspired Parallel

Dairy Cows Doral Red Panbuki RDC

Doral-Red x VG-85 Big Bubba x Kingboy

Ravenswell Lydia

Dairy Cows Lambda Lynzi

Delta-Lambda x Solomon x VG-85 Atwood

Backed by 13 generations of high scores cows!

Silvermaple Damion Camomile

De Dorre Crushtime Camomile 2

Crushtime x VG-87 Undenied x Archrival

American pedigree with Kendu Triumphant Charity EX-93 (s. Triumphant), HM Grand Champion Vancouver Island 2006 as family member

Dairy Cows Crushabull Camomile

Crushabull x VG-87 Undenied x Archrival

De Dorre Hanans Camomile

Hanans x Crushtime x VG-87 Undenied

De Dorre Lambda Camomile

Delta-Lambda x VG-85 King Doc x Archrival

Stookey Elm Park Blackrose RDC

De Dorre Lotto Rosaly

Lotto Red x VG-88 Big Apple x EX-91 Advent-Red

From the family of the well-known Stookey Elm Park Blackrose RDC EX-96

MS Kingstead Chief Adeen

De Dorre Chief Adeen EX-90

EX-90 Chief x VG-89 Fever x Mogul

From the MS Kingstead Chief Adeen family

Dairy Cows Moovin Adeen

Moovin RDC x EX-90 Chief x VG-89 Fever

Dairy Cows D.D. Admiral Adeena

Admiral x VG-87 Jacoby x VG-87 Atwood

Dairy Cows Milio Adeen 2

Milio x Crushabull x EX-90 Chief

Wilsondale Blackstar Trendy EX-92

De Dorre Lambda Time Out

Delta-Lambda x VG-85 Control x EX-96 Cicero

11 Gen. of EX in this pedigree!!

Windsor-Manor Rud Zip EX-95

Dairy Cows Excalibur Zip

Excalibur x Tarrino x VG-86 Yoder

From the family of (proven) sires Denver, Dante, Discjockey, Doctor, Fortnite & Zasbrilla.

Dairy Cows Excalibur Zip 2

Excalibur x Tarrino x VG-86 Yoder

Winterbay Fever Legac

De Dorre Milio Legacy

Milio x Casper x VG-86 Doorman

Due late September

De Dorre Twitch Legacy

Twitch x Klutch x VG-86 Doorman

Dairy Cows Milio Legacy

Milio x VG-86 Doorman x EX-96 Fever

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