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Expansion overseas

Harry Broekhuis, owner of Broekhuis Vee is lucky with this fantastic herd expansion. Recently he bought a beautiful yearling from another continent, namely the American Ri-Val-Re Lariat 4209.... Read more


Election German cow of the year 2018

At the election of German Cow of the Year 2018 by the German magazine Kuhfacto RR Shottle Elisa has been chosen cow of the year 2018! The cow, owned by family Reinermann has been sold as an embryo by Broekhuis Vee... Read more


New No. 1 Red carrier in Europe

There is a new No. 1 Red carrier female in Europe, Wilder Sanschein RDC at +2800 GTPI. She is an Imax x Profit x Brekem x Sanderij Massia Sneeuwitje. The Apina Massia 102 proofs to be... Read more

Aija Supersire Makea / Aija Out Joy

Broeks Freima-ET GP-83

GP-83 Imax x VG-85 Modesty x GP-81 Kingboy

The No. 1 Imax in Europe

Broeks Clabow

Blowtorch x VG-86 Alta1stClass x VG-86 Supersire

Blowtorch granddaughter of Aija Supersire Makea

Brandt-View BW Marsh Mia-ET EX-90

RI-Val-Re Lariat 4209-ET

Lariat x Samuri x GP-80 Damaris

USA Genomics Ri-Val-Re Lariat 4209

De-Su 7012 / De-Su BW Marshal Georgia

Broeks Demo VG-86

VG-86 Modesty x GP-84 Supershot x VG-85 Maurice

Demo is a high GTPI Modesty daughter

Broeks Badien G-78

G-78 Bandares x GP-84 Supershot x VG-85 Maurice

High GTPI & NVI Bandares daughter

Broeks Bransu

Bandares x GP-84 Supershot x VG-85 Maurice

Top GTPI and GNVI Bandares

Broeks Zara

AltaZazzle x Charl x Bandares

Islehaven Gold Dancer-Red

Broeks Sunday Red VRC

Ranger-Red x Pursuit x Pine-Tree Splendid-P

Sunday scores 2876 gTPI with 905 NM$ and comes out of the Canadian Comfort Thrlr Purs Friday. Highest red hefier of February 2023.

Stoneden Fools Gold Red

Broeks Rosie Red VRC

Ranger-Red x GP-82 Legacy x AltaRobson

CRV Ranger-Red from the family of Stoneden Fools Gold Red. Nice TPI-score for R&W

Proud to have bred

Broeks MBM Elsa EX-90

BW Marshall x Ever-Green-View Elsa

Dam to Flevo-Genetics Snowman

Flevo Genetics Snowman

O Man x Broeks MBM Elsa

Broeks Betty VG-88

Snowman x Broeks Shoal

Sold for $ 200.000,-

Broeks Snow Wave

Snowman x Broeks Shoal

Broeks Plabet VG-88

Planet x Broeks Betty

Broeks Elburn

Mr Burns RC x Broeks Elsie 2

Broeks Tapic

Epic x Vieuxsaule Freddie Tanya

Broeks Carien VG-87

Man O Man x Nova-TMJ Golden Echo

Broeks Freemax

Imax x Modesty x Kingboy
Number 1 gRZG high genomic young sires Germany

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