Aanestad Holstein - Ole Morten Aanestad


Genomic index USA: +2433 GTPI (2023-08)

Production 985 M 0.09%F 0.03%P 65 F 39 P 469 NM
Health +1.9 PL 2.79 SCS -2.2 DPR
Type 0.31 UDC -0.63 F&L 0.39 PTAT


Aanestad Einstein Cosimba


Aanestad Outlast Cosima

LA1 305d 16.317kgM 4.56%F 744kgF 3.19%P 521kgP


Aanestad Cinema Cosmetica

The dam to Cosmetica is a half-sister to the bull Marigo @ ZBH/LTR and a granddaughter of Larcrest Cosmopolitan


Tirsvad Supersire Cooke VG-87

LA1 191d 9.041kgM 3.73%F 337kgF 3.08%P 278kgP

Supersire granddaughter of Larcrest Cosmopolitan

Next generations

  • Tirsvad Freddie Cosmetic EX-90 (s. Freddie)
    Dam of Marigo @ ZBH/LTR
  • Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87 (s. Shottle)
    Phenomenal broodcow!
  • Larcrest Outside Champagne EX-90 (s. Outside)
  • Larcrest Juror Chanel EX-93 (s. Ked Juror)
  • Larcrest Lindy Chandra VG-85 (s. Lindy)
  • Larcrest Inspiration Carly VG-87 (s. Inspiration)