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3 embryos THI Shout RDC
Sputnik RDC x Swift x Barcley
Wilder Kayden Red
Star P RDC x Solitair P Red x Lighter

The world is Kayden Red's feet! This Star P RDC daughter shows an impressive transmitting profile. This gives her a promising futures as potential bull dam!

The Star P RDC x VG-85 Solitary P Red x VG-87 Lighter x Wilder K25 Red EX-90 scores 4113 gPFT, 1559 gISET, 328 gNVI (04-2022) and a stunning 156 gRZG. On a German basis she also tests 133 gRZG with 130 EUT!

As her pedigree shows, she is a member of the Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88 family bred by the German Holtkamp family. This cow family remains immensely popular. Not only brings this family high indexes, but also great conformation and produces a large number of bulls for AI. Granddam Wilder K31 RDC VG-87 is the maternal sister of sires Wilder Baymax Red & Wilder Matt RF. Kanu 111 RDC is also the base behind the bulls Wilder K&L Kontra Red, Wilder Paladin, Jalibo, K&L Oh Gigolo Red and De Oosterhof 3STAR Reno Red.

Shout RDC is intensively used as sires of sons! The red carrier Sputnik-son is high in several systems and with gRZG 160 he belongs to the absolute top RDC worldwide!

The embryos are stored in Netherlands. These embryos sell with a GenHotel bullcontract.
Wilder K25 Red
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Genomic index DEU: +156 GRZG (2022-08)

Production 1334 M -0.03%F 0.01%P 52 F 47 P 135 RZM
Health 124 RZN 131 RZS 108 RZR 124 RZGes 2213 RZ€
Type 91 KÖR 105 MTY 130 EUT 124 FUN 133 RZE

Genomic index USA: +2650 GTPI (2022-08)

Production 1004 M -0.01%F 0.04%P 35 F 43 P 701 NM
Health +5.4 PL 2.64 SCS +0.2 DPR
Type 1.76 UDC 1.43 F&L 0.79 PTAT

Genomic index NLD: +328 GNVI (2022-08; R&W)

Production 2117 M -0.29%F -0.14%P 65 F 62 P 421 INET
Health 669 LVD 103 UGH 115 CGT 104 VRU
Type 93 FR 98 RB 117 UI 101 BE 107 TOT


Wilder Kayden Red

Star P RDC

Wilder Kane P RDC VG-85

LA1 305d 9.561kgM 4.1%F 396kgF 3.4%P 327kgP

Solitair P Red

Wilder K31 RDC VG-87

LA3/2 305d 11.586kgM 3.83%F 444kgF 3.43%P 397kgP
HL2 305d 12.699kgM 3.83%F 486kgF 3.42%P 434kgP

Maternal siste of Wilder Baymax Red & Wilder Matt RF


Wilder K25 Red EX-90

LA1 305d 12.270kgM 3.77%F 463kgF 3.45%P 423kgP
HL2 305d 13.768kgM 3.73%F 514kgF 3.57%P 492kgP
LA3 305d 13.909kgM 3.76%F 523kgF 3.45%P 480kgP

Dam of Baymax Red (s. Bagno) @ Masterrind and Matt RF (s. Battlecry) @ Genes Diffusion

Next generations

  • Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88 (s. Snowman)
    Great broodcow!
  • Wilder Kairo 55 RDC VG-89 (s. Shottle)
  • Katja 23 RDC VG-88 (s. Ramos)
  • Kathi 81 Red GP-84 (s. Danube-Red)

Brekem RDC