Van Holland enjoys double excellent!

Dairy farmers Corné and Liesbeth Van Holland (VanHolland Holsteins) enjoy the high level of their mainly black and white colored herd. One of the most impressive cow families in the barn is the VanHolland Rochelle family, but during the last classification it is confirmed again that Van Holland owns more stars.

For example, two amazing cows in their third lactation are recently classified with an excellent score. Last year both cows were in the top position in their class during the Fokveedag Hoornaar and now a year later they are rewarded with a total score of EX-90!

One of these two cows is Mountfield Ssi Dcy Mogul daughter VanHolland Roosje 107. A great fact is that Roosje 107 EX-90 is the 10th Mogul daughter in the Netherlands to receive an excellent score. Besides being a very nice cow, which we just can't stop staring at, she also produces a lot of milk. The 305-day production of this Mogul daughter is projected at 11,887 kgM with 4.54%f and 3.55%p! 

VanHolland Roosje 107 EX-90 (s. Mogul) pictured in her 2n lactation, first in her class at Fokveedag Hoornaar '19

VanHolland Anke 135 also increased her score with EX-90. The Atwood daughter of Van Holland was well rewarded with EX-92 for her fantastic mammary system and that while she has been in milk for quite some time. At the moment she is pregnant with Cookiecutter Shot Henley and is due next month. Anke 135 EX-90 closed her third lactation with 17,880 kgM with 4.56%f and 3.67%p!  

VanHolland Anke 135 (s. Atwood) first in her class at Fokveedag Hoornaar '19

In addition to these great cows, three other cows are very successfully classified. The results of this classification day are shown below:

Name Sire Color Lac FR DS MS FL TOT
Roosje 107 Mogul BW 3 89 91 91 89 90
Anke 135 Atwood BW 3 89 91 92 87 90
Bets 187 Platinum BW 2 90 90 89 87 89
Tessa 19 Kingpin BW 1 89 89 86 88 88
Sandra 105 Bankroll BW 1 88 86 86 87 87


GenHotel congratulates the VanHolland family with these amazing results!

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