Update German Selection Sale

The preparations for the German Selection Sale, that will be held April 23 at Wilder Holsteins, are already well under way. Over 100 cows and heifers will sell. The lots come from the Wilder Holsteins breeding program completed with heifers offered by co-organisers such as GenHotel.

More information: www.german-selection.sale

A few examples

Koepon Oak Classy 4672 (AltaOak x VG-85 Man O Man x Koepon Shot Classy 17 VG-85)
- Her +2667 GTPI Rubicon daughters is for sale

Newhouse Sneeker 423 (Snowflake x VG-87 Stol Joc x Newhouse Sneeker 247 VG-89)
- Her +166 GRZG / +137 RZE / +316 GNVI Penley daughter sells

Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-87 (Snowman x VG-89 Shottle x VG-88 Ramos)
- Several cows/heifers from the Wilder Kanu P Red family will sell

Wilder Koenigin Red (Aikman x Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-87)
- Her red +157 GRZG Riverboy daughter sells

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