Tremendous scores for 2-yr-olds at Drouner Holsteins

At Drouner Holsteins, owned by the Albring family, recently 15 two-yr-olds are classified with VG-85.9 on average. For two second calvers it was time to meet the classifier for the second time to get a lovely upgrade!

Not one, not two, but three 2-yr-olds were classified with a VG-88 total score, including the fancy Wilder Born P RDC-daughter Drouner Aiko 1591 P Red. She's a granddaughter of the Olympian Drouner AJDH Aiko 1288 Red EX-90. Aiko 1591 P Red VG-88 was one of the highest polled R&W heifers on NVI basis at the time and tested also great on RZG. Now it's her daughter Drouner Aiko 1796 P Red (s. Koepon AltaTop-Red) which outshines with 156 gRZG. 

 Drouner AJDH Aiko 1288 Red EX-90, granddam of Drouner Aiko 1591 P Red VG-88

One of the first Dutch milking Woodcrest King Doc daughters and VG-88 classified belongs to Albring. She's named Drouner Cosco 1627 VG-88 and got a maximum score of VG-89 for her beautiful frame! Her dam Drouner AJDH Gold Cosco VG-89 - maternal sister to multiple show winner Drouner AJDH Cosmo EX-91 - turns out to be a wonderful brood cow! Not only Cosco 1627 VG-88, but also her oldest daughter by Defender was classified VG-88 2-yr-old too!

Drouner Cosco 1399 VG-89 (s. Defender) maternal sister Cosco 1627 VG-88

Drouner AJDH Gold Cosco VG-89 (s. Mr Chassity Gold Chip) dam Cosco 1627 VG-88

The Albring family is a succesfull participant in the 3STAR Breeding ProgramA result of the collaboration between Drouner Holsteins and GenHotel is Drouner K&L Classy 1630, a Bomaz Skywalker from Drouner K&L Classy VG-87. Classy 1630 was awarded with VG-88 and has a very beautiful VG-89 (max.) scored mammary. This VG-88 Skywalker produces stunning components: 5.04% fat and 3.65% protein.

Drouner K&L Classy VG-87 (by Superhero) dam of Drouner K&L Classy 1630 VG-88

The home-bred Drouner Mientje family did an amazing job this classification day, because five of them scored an average of VG-86.8. Drouner Mientje 1519, sired by home-bred Drouner Rednex and in second lactation, was the first one to classify with VG-89 (VG-89 MS). Also her maternal sister by King Doc scored VG-87 two-yr-old! 

Drouner Mientje 1276 RDC VG-88 (s. Jotan) dam  Mientje 1519 VG-89 & Mientje 1619 VG-87

At the end, a stunning number of 10 cows were classified with VG-86 or more! You find an overview below:

Name Sire Dam Col Lact FR DS MS FL TOT
Rita 1518 Bankroll Rita 1328 VG-87 B 2 88 89 88 88 88
Mientje 1519 Rednex Mientje 1276 RDC VG-88 B 2 89 89 89 88 89
Aiko 1591 P Red Born P Red Dh Aiko 1421 VG-85 R 1 86 88 88 88 88
Cosco 1627 King Doc Gold Cosco VG-89 B 1 89 88 86 88 88
K&L Classy 1630 Skywalker K&L Classy VG-87 B 1 86 87 89 87 88
Mientje 1602 RDC Jotani Mientje 1144 VG-86 B 1 88 87 88 84 87
Mientje 1619 King Doc Mientje 1276 RDC VG-88 B 1 87 88 87 87 87
Ria 1629 King Doc Ria 914 VG-89 B 1 85 86 88 88 87
Ara 1635 Adagio-P Asra 1448  VG-85 B 1 86 84 88 85 86
Mientje 1641 King Doc Mientje 1281 RDC VG-88 B 1 86 87 86 87 86
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