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Delta Treasure (+443 GNVI) and Delta Reloader (+420 GNVI) are the numbers 1 and 2 genomic bulls on Dutch basis. Both bulls hail from the combination Finder x G-Force and are breed by CRV. The dam to Treasure is Delta Rora VG-87 and the dam to Reloader is Hedra Riedel 919 VG-85. Rora and Riedel are housed at Hedra Holsteins.
The #3 is Weelder Empire with +415 GNVI. This Bravo son also hails from a G-Force dam. Behind Empire we find 5 more bulls with >400 GNVI: Grace Bonka (+413 GNVI), Lowlands Trust (+410 GNVI), Col Finality (+409 GNVI), K&L JS Donsimon (+408 GNVI) and Delta Jonk RF (+408 GNVI).

Daughter tested

The list with daughter proven bulls is led by KNS Boss (+305 NVI), a Bookem son of KNS Rendezvous VG-85. Boss is breed by KNS Holsteins and on their site you will find more offspring from this family. Number 2 on the list is Balisto. Just as his half-brother Boss he wins +14 points NVI and scores now +301 NVI.
New in the top 3 is L W Crescendo (+60 points NVI!!) with now +298 NVI. Crescendo is breed by Dinand Lutke Willink and is pedigree goes via daughters of Planet and Zenith back at Holbra Camilla VG-87 (Goldwyn x Mesland Princess 3027 VG-87) and herewith he is backed by the Delta Esmeralda VG-86 family.
Aurora Freeze is the number 4 in the Netherlands and he offers +297 NVI. Swissbec Brekem RF (+296 NVI) also has a very high Dutch index. Red Rocks K&L Mason (Massey x Bonhill Warsi 124), JSH Paradise (Snowman x Marwil ALH Rusty) and Newhouse Jasper (G-Force x Newhouse Sneeker 462), all breed by GenHotel members, can be found in the top 25.

Proofs Holland / Fokwaarden Nederland (APRIL 2018)

More info: GES Fokwaarden

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