Koepon Selection Sale completed very well!

The Koepon Selection Sale is completed very successfully. There was a lot of interest in all sale lots and right from the start of the sale bids have been made frequently. Except one all 37 sale lots are sold (21 outside of the Netherlands) to buyers in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland and Italy.

As expected very much interest was for sale lot 1 Koepon Swingmn Range 3 Red, the fancy Westcoast Swingman daughter out of the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 family, sold for 4.900 euro to TGD-Holstein in Switzerland. Koepon Lawson Genua 51, the AltaLawson daughter scoring high for gTPI and NM, is purchased by De Oosterhof & GenHotel for 3.600 euros. Buitenlust Holsteins got hold of Koepon Man Regenia 267 Red, a red Manana-Red daughter from the legendary Regan-Joy Durham Regenia EX-92 familiy.

Top 10 sale lots :

Lot   Name   Price   Buyer   Country
1 Koepon Swingmn Range 3 Red 4.900 TGD-Holstein Switzerland
18 Koepon Lawson Genua 51 3.600 De Oosterhof & GenHotel Netherlands
13 Koepon Man Regenia 267 Red 3.000 Buitenlust Holsteins Netherlands
15 Koepon S P Regenia 268 P RDC 3.000 Profit Genetics Netherlands
10 Koepon Lawson Ruby 23 2.550 Paul Dunn UK
16 Koepon Altuve Sanne 17 RDC 2.500 TGD-Holstein Switzerland
5 Koepon Date Classy 457 2.000 South-Side Holsteins Netherlands
9 Koepon Vice Lexi 1240 2.000 Scholten Brook Netherlands
26 Koepon Unix Ebeltje 39 1.900 John Pyne & Sons UK
19 Koepon Lawson Genua 52 1.850 John Pyne & Sons UK

Congratulations to all buyers and a lot of success with your purchases!


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