K&L breeds #1 ICO bull

K&L CV Clever is the new #1 genomic bull in Spain at +4875 GICO. This Chevalier son is breed by K&L out of Koepon Oak Classy 4672, an AltaOak daughter from the Koepon Shot Classy 17 VG-85 family. Classy 4672 has high female daughters as well. K&L SV Classy is her +2707 GTPI Silver daughter owned by K&L and Duindam and Drouner Holsteins and K&L RB Classy is a +2664 GTPI Rubicon owned by K&L and Dykster Holsteins.

5 out of 10

5 out of the top 10 GICO bulls in Spain, including the top 3, are delivered by K&L. The #2 is now Sjonny Supertoro (+4710 GICO), the Supershot son of Holbra Sanadi VG-87 and former #1. He is followed by Zandenburg Even Mellor (+4643 GICO), a Missouri son of Zandenburg Super Camilla 1 VG-86.
The numbers 6: K&L PY Colinpen (Penley x Visstein Colinde VG-86), 9: De Crob 0030 Misione (Missouri x De Crob Rita 0007 VG-87), 11: Lis Beatboy (Beat x Lis De-Su Oakly 8273 VG-85), 12: K&L PY Stan (Penley x Newh K&L Sneeker 423 GP-83) and 15: Wilder Marzipan (Supershot x Wilder Marta VG-86) are delivered by K&L.

Proofs Spain / Fokwaarden Spanje (november 2016)

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