High Araxis at De Oosterhof

Melkveebedrijf De Oosterhof and K&L are the proud owners of one of the most interesting Araxis daughters in Europe; De Oosterhof K&L Clinic. Clinic has high genomics on as well German (+157 GRZG) as US (+2497 GTPI) basis. She scores very high for health traits such as longevity, SCS and fertility and also adds a high production – including components – and type (+131 RZE).

The dam to Clinic is an Adrian daughter of Honeycrest Money Mogul Finesse VG-85. Finesse is a Mogul daughter backed by an EX-91 Boxer followed by Markwell Durham Felice EX-92. The pedigree of this Durham daughter goes through daughters by Outside, Rudolph and Exranco Thor back at Markwell Bstar E Raven EX-95.

Lars-Acres Fel Festival EX-91, great-granddam to De Oosterhof K&L Clinic

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