Genomic overview & updates Highlight Sale (1/8/2021)

At 12.00 AM today the pre-bidding of the Highlight Sale starts. Tomorrow, January 8th from 8.00 PM, all lot numbers will be auctioned online in catalogue order. 

There is a lot of international interest in the sale heifers of the Highlight Sale and many embryo contracts have already been written. Below you will find the (current) top 5 lot numbers with the highest total value of embryo contracs.

  1. LOT 45. LHO Bella                     (Best Benz x VG-87 Federal)             €23.600
  2. LOT 22. SHS Electra                  (VH Crown x Cameron)                      €23.300
  3. LOT 21. SON Kristin RDC          (Best Benz x Pace Red)                      €21.900
  4. LOT   6. THI Casablanca           (Best Benz x GP-84 Cameron)           €12.200
  5. LOT 24. Elli                                  (Freemax x GP-84 Sonic)                   €12.150

Click HERE for the overview of all embryo contracts & the SALE UPDATE.

The Highlight Sale is renown already for years for its great offer of high index heifers. Below is an overview with the 'highlights' per index.

LOT 21 SON Kristin RDC 165
LOT 45 LHO Bella 165
LOT 5 RZN Cassidy 163
LOT 44 THD Despania 163
LOT 23 3STAR OH Mironna 2838
LOT 57 BWN 3STAR Aileen RDC 2741
LOT 6 THI Casablanca 2726
LOT 27 NH Hot As She Can Be 2685
LOT 21 SON Kristin RDC 2683
LOT 21 SON Kristin RDC 315
LOT 5 RZN Cassidy 307
LOT 25 EIT Mirabelle 299
LOT 6 THI Casablanca 297
LOT 43 WIT Discovery P 296
LOT 6 THI Casablanca 5180
LOT 53 HIN Kristall RDC 5180
LOT 21 SON Kristin RDC 5163
LOT 55 RUW Mercedes 5141
LOT 23 3STAR OH Mironna 705
LOT 21 SON Kristin RDC 696
LOT 56  KAR Vienetta  661
LOT 6 THI Casablanca 660
LOT 23 3STAR OH Mironna 4316
LOT 6 THI Casablanca 4254
LOT 21 SON Kristin RDC 4193
LOT 56 KAR Vienetta 4176
LOT 57 Visstein 3STAR Aileen RDC 4081
LOT 53  HIN Kristall RDC 4062

Go to the overview of all genomic results of the sale heifers

Videos of all lots can be found on the webpage Here you can also find the online catalogue.

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