ARGH stands for TOP type!

ARGH Holsteins is well know for their great type cows and heifers. They have a lot of success in the showrring. But they are also very succesfull is breeding high type index heifers.

No less than 8 females with the ARGH prefix are in the top 100 PTAT of Europe and 5 of these heifers are in the top 5. Two females are in the top 15, among these two is the No. 1 PTAT in Europe ARGH Fudge (Car-J Brokasa Delight) at +4.45 PTAT!!

WI Beemer Felli

Dam of his heifer named ARGH Fudge is WI Beemer Felli, she is duein a month and looks great. The full sister to ARGH Fudges is ARGH Feline, who is the No. 12 PTAT in Europe at +4.01 PTAT.

The great pedigree of WI Beemer Felli is: Beemer x VG-86 Mr Hovden Delta x EX-91 Shottle x EX-94 Lad x EX-95 Duregal x EX Astro Jet x EX-90 Valiant x EX-94 Arlinda Chief. Several members of this family have been succeful at shows!

GHH Delta Felicity VG-86

GHH Delta Felicity VG-86, dam of WI Beemer Felli


HPH Shottle Malmö EX-91 , granddam of WI Beemer Felli

Byway out of Archrivals cowfamily

Another top heifer at ARGH is ARGH Byway Anya-ET, a Byway x McCutchen x Atwood x Shottle! The Shottle is named Bolleholster Anya 2, Archrival dam!

Byway Anya scores +3.80 PTAT with 3.35 UDC and +2141 GTPI. In Europa there are only a four heifers who score +3.8 PTAT, +3.0 UDC and 2100 GTPI. Byway Anya is one of them!

As you see, ARGH stands for TOP Type!

Ockema Mc Cutchen Anya VG-86, dam of ARGH Byway Anya

Bolleholster Anya 2, dam of Archrival and granddam of ARGH Byway Anya

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