Diepenhoek Rozelle family strikes again

With Diepenhoek Rozelle 188 shows Diepenhoek Holsteins the power and impact of this wonderful and well-known cowfamily. Rozelle 188 is a great example of what this family is capable of. The Diepenhoek Rozelle family delivers time and time again offspring with great genomics in many systems. This is one of the reasons why multiple females are used for breedingprogramms, like Diepenhoek Rozelle 65 VG-87, sired by Mogul which is dam to Diepenhoek Lockstar and Go-Farm Renoir....

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Stouwdamshof Jacoba 19 (HHH-Show 2014)

Lot 387: Diamondback RDC x Stouwdamshof Jacoba 131 Red VG-89

► The Stouwdamshof Jacoba's: very successful in the show ring with tremendous lifetime productions!

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