De Sanderij - Johan & Siepie Hietbrink


Genomic index DEU: +153 GRZG (2019-12)

Production 1746 M -0.25%F -0.03%P 48 F 57 P 139 RZM
Health 127 RZN 126 RZS 112 RZR
Type 106 KÖR 111 MTY 125 EUT 112 FUN 124 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +390 GNVI (2019-12; R&W)

Production 2904 M -0.46%F -0.16%P 79 F 87 P 563 INET
Health 924 LVD 108 UGH 114 CGT 103 VRU
Type 97 FR 101 RB 113 UI 99 BE 106 TOT


K&L Mn Flora Red

Manana Red

K&L MW Flora Red

One of the highest red heifers on GRZG around in her age!

Mega-Watt RDC

K&L BT Floxy-Red VG-86

2.04 305d 8.024kgM 3.72%F 299kgF 3.77%P 302kgP
3.03 305d 10.242kgM 3.63%F 371kgF 3.52%P 360kgP
4.03 305d 10.612kgM 3.51%F 373kgF 3.71%P 394kgP

Great type and very high protein%

Bolt RF

K&L CP Roxy-Red GP-82

2.03 305d 7.434kgM 3.35%F 249kgF 3.43%P 255kgP
3.04 305d 10.149kgM 2.98%F 302kgF 3.19%P 324kgP

Next generations

  • Morningview Super Roxy RDC EX-90 (s. Superstition)
    Great broodcow, for example granddam of Rusty Red and dam of Coloredo-P-Red
  • Morningview Pronto C-Rae EX-90 (s. Pronto)
  • Early-Autumn Golden Rae EX-93 (s. Goldwyn)
  • Scientific Beauty Rae EX-90 (s. Rubens RF)
  • Scientific Jubilant Rae EX-90 (s. Jubilant RF)
  • Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX-96 (s. Elevation Tony)

Colt P