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Next Jersey Queen Arethusa Chrome Vici will sell!

RZN Holsteins (the Nöhl family) is offering a beaufitul yearling from a beloved Jerseyfamily. This Chrome daughter will sell as lotnumber 14 this Wednesday at the Masterrind Exclusive Sale. This yearly event will take place in Verden, Germany.... Read more

Aija Outside Joy

RZN Mackenzie VG-87

VG-87 Commander x VG-86 Supersire x VG-85 Man-O-Man

► Full sisiter of the high genomic sire Thurler RUW Cover and maternal sister of Comfort Mogambo (v. Monterey) at Semex

Unique-Style Bolton Money

Bacon-Hill RZN RUW Maya VG-85

VG-85 Federal x Silver x VG-86 Supersire

► Highest gTPI Federal daughter globally

Beaucoise Princess

RZN Cahill Pina

Cahill x Milford-P x VG-85 Balisto

► The highest gRZG Lexvold Ss Cahill daughter in the German system

Aha Rubens Carla

RZN Gymnast Casablanca

Gymnast x Silver x Maximum

► 151 gRZG Boldi V Gymnast daughter

Huronia Centurion Veronica

RZN Colton Venus VG-86

VG-86 Colton x EX-95 Furor x EX-97 Centurion

► Venus looks great and is the only Colton from Comet!

Arethusa Chrome Vici

Chrome x EX-95 Furor x EX-97 Centurion

Proud to have bred


Snowman x VG-88 Gibor x EX-95 Rubens
Number 1 RZG Snowman son in Germany


Morgan x VG-85 Snowman x VG-88 Gibor
Number 1 RZG Morgan son in Germany

RZN Backfield

Benz x VG-87 Commander x VG-86 Supersire

RZN Chakaponk

Chassy x VG-87 Commander x VG-86 Supersire

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