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Dykster Holsteins

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Rhala Daydream / Markwell Durham Daisy

COL K&L Daisy VG-86

VG-86 Battlecry x GP-84 Sunkiss x GP-84 Bookem

Just fresh and looking great!

Southland Dellia / Belle

COL K&L Dellila GP-84

GP-84 Battlecry x GP-84 Galaxy x VG-86 Man-O-Man

Early Battlecry with a great pedigree: straight from the Southland Dellia's

Koepon Classy

K&L RB Classy GP-83

GP-83 Rubicon x GP-83 AltaOak x VG-85 Man-O-Man

High producing Rubicon with several brothers in AI

Dykster K&L SC Carine

Sound System x GP-83 Rubicon x GP-83 AltaOak

Sound System from the Koepon Classy family

Drouner K&L Claxima 1706

Soundcloud x Imax x Silver

Fantastic 130 RZN & 130 EUT

Dykster Josina

Dykster Josina 247 GP-83

GP-83 Jasper x VG-86 Mascol x GP-82 Jorryn

High Jasper daughter from the homebred Josina family

Terbeek Glenda / Eastland Golden

De Crob Glenda 0152

Jedi x GP-83 Rubicon x Jetset

High GTPI Jedi, just fresh

Dykster K&L Glennis

Rome x Jedi x GP-83 Rubicon

Sandy-Valley Bolt Sheila

SPH Alberta

Bali x Gymnast x VG-86 Supershot

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC

Diekers K&L DL Sherry RDC

AltaDateline x GP-83 Salvatore RC x Rubicon

► Worldclass Red carrier heifer! 2700 GTPI and 158 RZG! 

Proud to have bred

Dykster K&L Dimba (Sunnyside)

Simba x COL K&L Daisy

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