Lot: 4 - K&L OH Mabely

Lot: 4

K&L OH Mabely

Heifer Claynook Discjockey
Fortune x Monterey x Unix
K&L OH Mabel
Granite x Rubicon x Cashcoin

► Mabely is a very interesting Claynook Discjockey daughter with 2747 gTPI and +3.00 gPTAT & +3.13 UDC.

► Her dam K&L OH Mabel is still the number 1 gTPI Progenesis Granite daughter in Europe will calve in June. Mabel has several sons at international AI-studs. This cow family traces back, through a French line, to the impressive USA brood cow Jeta Commotion Cupid-ET VG-88.

► A De-Su Kenobi sister of Mabely is sold for 9.000 euro at the Highlight Sale in Hamm this year.

► Top 10 gTPI Discjockey daughter in Europe with international potential!

Haplotypes : H1F - H2F - H3F - H4F - H5F - H6F - CDF

K&L OH Mabely

K&L OH Mabely
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Genomic index DEU: +140 GRZG (2020-04)

Production 531 M 0.52%F 0.20%P 75 F 39 P 137 RZM
Health 103 RZN 107 RZS 108 RZR
Type 112 KÖR 116 MTY 134 EUT 106 FUN 129 RZE

Genomic index USA: +2827 GTPI (2020-04)

Production 588 M 0.19%F 0.09%P 77 F 45 P 595 NM
Health +2.8 PL 2.85 SCS +0.3 DPR
Type 2.22 UDC 0.78 F&L 2.30 PTAT

Genomic index NLD: +249 GNVI (2020-04; B&W)

Production 1054 M 0.38%F 0.09%P 82 F 46 P 376 INET
Health 317 LVD 102 UGH 104 CGT 105 VRU
Type 99 FR 102 RB 113 UI 102 BE 108 TOT


K&L OH Mabely


K&L OH Mabel

Fantastic genomic transmitter. Looking awesome and due in June.


Maybelline Tual VG-85

2.02 305d 9.157kgM 4.41%F 404kgF 3.52%P 322kgP
3.01 305d 10.582kgM 4.66%F 493kgF 3.59%P 380kgP

Classified VG-85 (VG-87 MS) just fresh, awesome udder!


Ilona Tual GP-84

LA1 305d 7.635kgM 4.17%F 318kgF 3.36%P 256kgP
LA2 305d 8.673kgM 4.30%F 372kgF 3.63%P 317kgP

Half-sister to Hermine Tual VG-89 (Gold Chip)

Next generations

  • Francine Tual VG-86 (s. Man-O-Man)
    Dam of Hermine Tual EX-94, EX-95 MS (s. Gold Chip)
  • Aurore Tual VG-86 (s. Shottle)
    Lifetime production : 114.950 kg milk!
  • Uvel Tual GP-84 (s. Finley)
  • Brett Tanazany (s. Brett)
  • Vision-Gen Lantz Quartz-ET (s. Lantz)
  • Tolare Jimtown QP-ET VG-85 (s. Jimtown)